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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Man said it's all about what God can do for you?
 No! Its NOT! It's about our Love, devotion and the sacrifice of our lives in devotion on His altar! It is about what we offer to God! We give worship to Him His life of love is the Way, the Truth, His message and His life and He loves us! We must Sacrifice make the sacrifice of our lives submitted in Righteousness and in love and devotion to His plan, not our way but His Way, not our Truth but His Truth! & of our trying with all our hearts to live as righteous a life as possible because we love Him confessing our sins and devoting our lives to the Truth and submission to His Life of sinless living We are not perfect, won't be, but we are supposed to try for perfection! We won't make it, but we try because of the love for Him!
Sure God can do wonderful things for us but that's not what it's about! It's about our sacrifice to His altar of all we are; All we can ever be, and God help us what we were!
      Living water is not literal water it's the Holy Spirit! God help us the preachers are wrong! He said he(this preacher on tv) don't understand it! My point here is; then why are you preaching? You are preaching wrong! You don't preach unless you are called of God; if he wasn't called he should not preach; especially lies or the wrong message!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Title: One Heart to Win
Author: Johanna Lindsey
Genre: Historical Fiction in the Old American West
Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs
    Tiffany Warren hasn't seen her father in fifteen years. She lives with her mother, Rose Warren in New York. Tiffany's father and brothers live in Montana. She has decided her father does not want or love her.    
   Tiffany was betrothed in infancy to Hunter Callahan, her father's enemies' son. Zachary Callahan and Franklin Warren have been enemies forever. The reason for the marriage between Tiffany and Hunter is to stop the feud.
    It is time for Tiffany to go West and meet her fiancée but she hates the thought of it. She also hates the thought if seeing her father.
    Before she arrives in Montana; she is subjected to all sorts of lawlessness and violence. She vows to go back to New York as soon as possible.
    She is offered a unique opportunity to observe everyone without their knowing. She takes the place of her father's hired housekeeper. She never did anything besides change her clothes and hairdo and shop. She has to learn how to clean, cook and be a servant. It is a very funny scenario with her being brought up to only be a Lady.
   This delightful tale leads you on a wonderful jaunt through the old West. Her problems seem insurmountable but she overcomes them one by one.
    Horrible as it seems; her fiancée is extremely handsome and delightful. Tiffany has a hard time reconciling her preconceived ideas to her present situation.
Romance is the name of the game with delightful twists and turns. You will think you have the mysteries figured out when the story goes a different route.
I loved it and as a Johanna Lindsey fan; I was so excited to say she does not disappoint. I wholeheartedly recommend this book and gave it Five Stars. I couldn't put it down. Enjoy the adventure!
Linda Hays-Gibbs
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

   Our Veterans Day Prayers
  When we as a nation stop our vigil we are lost. We must therefore keep up the fight to right what is wrong to rescue the hopeless and give help to the oppressed. It's hard to imagine the hardships that our fellow human beings suffer when we are so insulated from it ourselves. Even the elite in our country that try to be benefactors to the poor have no idea of the reality of their plight.
     It is certain that the poor and oppressed will always be with us but it's also certain that more could be done to help them. We think of ourselves as a country caring for the poor but the reality is we spend more money arming the poor than feeding them. Then the weaponry that we give so generously to the poor ends up in the hands of our enemies and they shoot the poor man that still has no bread to eat.
     I would rather we offer bread than bullets but such is the state of our civilization that someone must be killing someone in the name of some God or belief.
     God help us all for instead of helping and caring we are killing or maiming. Let us therefore pause and remember these heroes of the oppressed, the poor, the defenseless, and the nameless.

      On this Veterans Day take a close look at the thousands of young men ruined for life by the barbaric wars that rage around the world in the name of beliefs that were supposed to unite us in love.
    Think a minute if that were you would you be filled with joy over a parade or would you want better medical treatment and assurances of it continuing for the rest of your life?
     Would you want pats on the back for a job well done or help getting to the bathroom and someone to hold you when you cry into the night? I am sure both would be good though.
     A grateful nation and people to help them, but we do need to do more for these people that have suffered so much to keep the battles far away from us. We want the insulation and the assurance that we will be safe and warm and secure in our ideals, so let us do more for these lovely wonderful men and woman that have suffered so much for us in reality. Remember also the ones with no outward signs of injuries but who inwardly are a painful site, raging with injuries we can't see.
    I salute them all and I am proud to be an American that is from the same country as these wonderful men and women. God love them all and give them pride that we adore them and honor their love and sacrifices for us. Now let us stand up and unite to make sure they are treated in medical facilities that are the best with fast service and the best doctors and treatments. Let us give to make sure these wounded warriors have what they need and more; an assurance that this is going to continue. That we will make sure they are never mistreated and forgotten ever.That we will stand by them for the rest of their lives.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

     Girls recruited online for ISIS should be prosecuted as traitors or deported. People that launch attacks should be shot and families deported!
     We need to make sure our citizens know what we stand for and if they don't appreciate what they have then they should lose it and their parents. Deport Traitors!
    If we do not tell our story about our freedoms and how we love and enjoy our country, Then we fail. Let them live the lives of a sex slave or be killed. I'm tired of moodily coddiling them. Realize the reality!
    Show and tell kids what America stands for! Tell them what is wrong and right! Preach your religion.They ban Christianity or  any other religion from being preached over there!
     Why? Because it's a better way! They are afraid of a Good and Righteous people! They are afraid of the words in the Bible or the Torah! Our beliefs have power to persuade! Use them preach them tell it online make web pages and tell about what we believe and love! Do this or lose it because this IS a war of words and beliefs!
Preach about Jesus! Preach about freedom! Be proud of the privileges you have before you lose them to Barbarians that care nothing for your feelings! Care nothing about right and wrong but are thugs hiding behind words that have no meaning when they only murder and rape !

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sometime ago I think I started Tweeting about news topics that upset me. Now I'm just horrified by what is happening and feel I need to just tell you what I see!
     From the first I was against bringing the first Ebola patient into America. I was always taught that from Ellis Island, that  people were held in quarantine until we knew they were not carrying a deadly disease. One reason for LEGAL immigration. They looked for TB and Typhoid to name two but we just let people steam across our borders now. This is a very big concern with new strains of TB popping up, even leprosy.
     This Ebola disease is relatively new and we know nothing about it. Quarantine seemed the safest way to me but we just brought it into our country like we were immune. I don't understand this. I know the missionaries needed treatment but why didn't we send help to them? Why put all the citizens of our country in harm's way?
     Next instead of centralizing treatment at one facility with our best and brightest, we send them to Nebraska and Atlanta and Dallas and etc. What's up with this? It's like scatter them out so we can get to the whole population easier to start an epidemic.
     Then we don't seal our borders? This is ridiculous! I'm sorry but what happened to a little common sense. We are talking about our lives here! Don't worry about ISIS coming this is biological warfare at it's best! Our enemies couldn't ask for a better scenario. Excuse me but where are our officials? Obama plays golf while the world burns so I'll forget him. What about our Surgeon General? Oh yes, we don't have one. Our healthcare system has gone through the worst overhaul in two centuries. Doctors quit! Hospitals closed. Now we have no one overseeing our healthcare because that is what a Surgeon General does for us, but we have none. This is either a conspiracy or the worst idiotic thing that could kill us ever!
     Someone is definitely against us because this was not well done. We have children dying with the new virus that restricts breathing and acts like polio! What? Yes! Still we have no help with this Ebola threatening to infect more and more while Obama says "Nothing!" That is scary! If you aren't scared then you are stupid.
     As an added problem ISIS is winning. These people are getting mechanized and strong financially and with each win. We gave up everything that we sacrificed our children to gain. He let prisoners of war go free to fight with ISIS. When we have lost so much will you like losing your country to these people. They are a serious threat!
     First our economy was assaulted and I've never seen so much money go out of our coffers to everybody! Ridiculous.
     Our borders should be sealed from Mexico as well as West Africa. These problems are serious people. This all is not coincidental. Something is wrong here!
   Back to Ebola, we need this stopped first then we need to get rid of a government that doesn't care about us! Enough!!We pay them and they get raises all the time but we are not protected!
Enough! Call everybody you know and tell them Enough! We must start now!
Love is a blood virus deep in the reddest part of the hemoglobin that filters out the cancerous component of hate and invigorates the heart