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Sunday, October 25, 2015

For Halloween

It Slithered
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

Darkness caressed it. I heard it before
I saw a piece of it, a bit?
Black & shinny
But so, so cold
It froze the air
my thoughts said it Exquisitely tiny but
It was unafraid, bold
To come so near Suddenly
Panicking in fear
My heart tearing up my chest
I ripped open my vest
To breathe to swallow
As I heard it's cackles
Raising hackles
On my arms such were it's sucking slithering charms
Turning to dash away
I tripped,
Had to face it
Eye to eye...
It grinned an unholy lopsided way with one red bulbous retina a still darker patina than I thought possible and grew cool, stronger I soon felt the pull,
I couldn't breathe
Staring into my face I can taste Hell's darkest secrets
My leg muscles race
But I'm still, so still no breathing or heartbeats
I'm dead!
Right there on the floor!
Gone dissolved, no more,
In my terrified head
Heavy as lead instead
I knew
as it slid from side to side with a sulfuric stench,
I retched
& gagged, resolved in my comatose fed brain what Was mirrored, sucking clinched to my eye when I flenched as it pinched my nose
I continuing to lie
It sucked, fed
Wiggled, munched, withered, crunched then slithered down to my toes
I knew without a doubt I was sucked dry for it was in truth a Devil's eye feeding withering searching in cold pursuit through the eire night of Halloween olde for sight of anyone's ashamed& unclaimed unholy weary soul

Monday, September 28, 2015

"Nowhere to Run"
By Linda Hays-Gibbs
They run to us for help
They are out of their depth
Lost jobs, lost homes, lost safety and no food to eat
Nowhere to hide, all is nasty and bloody feet
From miles of walking to you
Now, Don't know What to do
Friends are enemies Unkind faces are all he sees
Broken all ties
cause of all the lies
Only thing left to lose
Are your lives
Protect your babies your old and infirm
Oh God, we've nowhere to turn
Is there anywhere a Christian haven
Some place of peace would be heaven
Who started it all
We just don't care
When it started to fall
We did all we could dare
Now we must
Get away from here
But where to go
Tell me is there no
Compassion or kindness left to find
Or has it all been left behind
Pope says that love is the answer
I need the question
Just please be my brother
I will be your best one
If you save my children
I will be your closest kindred son

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

People are going off on the poor clerk in Kentucky for refusing to issue the marriage license to same sex couples.
     Where & what are the religious beliefs of this country?atheist, Mormon, agnostic, Jewish, Buddist, Hindu, Muslim, Christian
Well they were in the Bible! & Christian! You can't change the Bible without calling a curse on you as the last verse of the Bible states.
     Those Christian beliefs were believed by the very men that wrote the Constitution. The very Christian men that said everyone has the right to happiness. I do not believe for one minute that those same men thought we would be having this problem.
Judeo-Christian beliefs started this country! The laws were written with the Bible in mind. Remember?
    The clerks rights would be protected if the law wasn't changed to go against God's law!!!!
     The Supreme Court is wrong to go against what so many hold sacred. But how do you reconcile this? Where are all the cowardly Christians? Why would anyone want to call down a curse on this country and go against God's laws? Why are we fighting this? Is there any love going out to the Christian that stood up for her beliefs? Lots of love going to same sex couples.
     Why did God say it was wrong for a man to marry a man? If we don't go by God's laws is it still wrong to commit murder or steal? What is the purpose of justice and redemption and love? These are big issues and I don't think the Supreme Court has enough authority to question God.
     Just a thought but what happens if God decides to destroy us like Sodom and Gomorrah? Who you going to call, the Supreme Court? What if you die an atheist but God is real and you have to go to Hell and I don't tell you that you were wrong? What happens to me? As a Christian that didn't tell you that you was wrong, I'll be right beside you.
     So I want to know where are the Christians when one little woman needs help for standing up for what you all said you believe? Why are you still hiding, don't you believe in what the Bible says or do you want to rewrite the Bible and have the curse on you?
   Personally I want our laws to be Biblical laws but if people don't believe in God and want to live outside of that law then they are condemning only their souls as long as it's not law but when it became law it condemned us all including the Supreme Court.
     I really don't want to change the Bible. Of course you got preachers that stand for no Bible, nothing but peace and joy. I'm really worried about them and their flocks. Going to be Hell to pay.

Friday, September 4, 2015

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

     I thought we had come a long way in our race relations. People respected each other and cared for each other. I saw more love and friendships more mixed marriages and acceptance of children of these unions.
     I remember the dark days and the changes. I saw people holding hands when they crossed that bridge in Selma with white hands as well as black. I felt the outrage when children were killed in a black church in Birmingham.
I lived it! I saw it all ! I witnessed it.
     So why are people hating again? We elected a black President! Black and white together elected this black man. We cheered at this brave new world. Now we have new hatreds being stirred up. I've seen more people finding knits and picks to gripe about than ever before. Are we going backwards because of this?
     What one deranged young boy did was horrible but that doesn't mean that we all feel that way. History is dead! Leave it buried. All we can do is learn from History. I'm sure that all German people didn't hate Hitler but most did! We can't condemn all German people forever because of Hitler. We can't condemn the French because of Napoleon.
    It's starting to really get ugly in some areas and I question it. I question what Abraham Lincoln would think of all this after nearly 150 years? Of digging up Confederate soldiers or hating a symbolic flag that meant many things to many different people? I wonder if he would condone new hate, new hatreds or if it would make him sick to his stomach like it makes me. I know what Rev. Martin Luther King would say,

     Make peace! Love each other and stop bringing up the past. We don't need to look back! We need to look forward and care about each other and our great country before we lose it. Forget the past pain. Digging it up is like digging up old wounds and causing new infections. We got past that and we need to go on to a higher level.