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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Best Selling Author does it again a Sweet Regency Story

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

     I thought we had come a long way in our race relations. People respected each other and cared for each other. I saw more love and friendships more mixed marriages and acceptance of children of these unions.
     I remember the dark days and the changes. I saw people holding hands when they crossed that bridge in Selma with white hands as well as black. I felt the outrage when children were killed in a black church in Birmingham.
I lived it! I saw it all ! I witnessed it.
     So why are people hating again? We elected a black President! Black and white together elected this black man. We cheered at this brave new world. Now we have new hatreds being stirred up. I've seen more people finding knits and picks to gripe about than ever before. Are we going backwards because of this?
     What one deranged young boy did was horrible but that doesn't mean that we all feel that way. History is dead! Leave it buried. All we can do is learn from History. I'm sure that all German people didn't hate Hitler but most did! We can't condemn all German people forever because of Hitler. We can't condemn the French because of Napoleon.
    It's starting to really get ugly in some areas and I question it. I question what Abraham Lincoln would think of all this after nearly 150 years? Of digging up Confederate soldiers or hating a symbolic flag that meant many things to many different people? I wonder if he would condone new hate, new hatreds or if it would make him sick to his stomach like it makes me. I know what Rev. Martin Luther King would say,

     Make peace! Love each other and stop bringing up the past. We don't need to look back! We need to look forward and care about each other and our great country before we lose it. Forget the past pain. Digging it up is like digging up old wounds and causing new infections. We got past that and we need to go on to a higher level.

Monday, June 29, 2015

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Kick a Dirt Clod
By Linda Hays-Gibbs

The day was sunny and hot as people danced and ran around excitedly
I knew the very fly, that rot, that buzzed around my head delightedly
I kept my mouth tightly closed though, in silent confused awe
I didn't really think it would happen, no not at all
So all my best kept words were still tightly sealed
In a giant pickle jar under a hill, that my thoughts had filled, so lazily
I limped off behind the juniper tree to find my voice...
But I knew right then I didn't really have much of a choice
And as my tears finally silently slid
I knew I was no longer a silly kid
And all my prayers would go no higher, but not
Because I didn't call him a liar
And the fear in my gut just would not stray
As I saw God kick a dirt clod and turn away

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Title:The Twilight Laird
Author: Rhoda Clarkson
Genre: Historical Romance
Review Rating: Five Stars
Reviewer: Linda Hays-Gibbs

     This is a lovely story with  in depth characters and twisting plot. Exciting and warm dialogue with some humor and full fleshed characters are running over between the covers. This author is a talented story teller.
     Miss Mariah Lawrence is a wealthy woman that feels she has everything she could ever hope for except one thing. She doesn't know how to find this ultimate happiness after all she has beauty, heath and money and the most perfect of fiancĂ©es. There is just some reason she postpones her wedding over and over again. She can't figure out what the problem could be.
     Then she meets Dr. James MacGregor. He is the most frustrating, rude, antagonistic, uncouth, irrational,egotistical, insulting man she has ever met. Then why did she find him so intriguing? Why did she want to see him?
     James MacGregor instantly dislikes this English invader of his ancestral home. She thinks she knows what his people like better than he and presumes too much. His family owned the castle for centuries but his father gambled it away to Mariah's father, then killed himself. It wasn't fair. He lost his father because of her father.  It was his home. She was just visiting and making promises to his people that she would never keep. He resented she owned his castle and lands and he resented that he wanted her from the first moment he laid eyes on her.
  Mariah lost her parents and is visiting her cousin Irene, Aunt Harriet and Uncle George at her property, Glasdun Castle. Her Uncle has supervised this estate for her for 15 years but she needed to check on the people of her estate. She was disappointed in her Uncle's methods when she found her tenants in great distress. She went to work trying to relieve their problems. Her heart was always willing to help the unfortunate.
    All her relatives could suggest was she should marry Edward, her betrothed quickly before he is snatched away. They were right but she just couldn't. She needed more time.
    Things progress with Mariah as she learns how deeply others have suffered because of her Uncle. The plot takes you through the lives of not only Mariah but the crofters and farmers on her land and the MacGregors..
     Dr MacGregor informs her of many disturbing things for which her family is responsible. She doesn't believe him but her eyes tell her there is some truth in his words.
     The problem is that Mariah and James should be enemies but her heart isn't cooperating.
     This is a page turner and a lovely romance with many twists and turns. I have it Five Stars.
    I enjoyed reading this lovely romantic story.
Linda Hays-Gibbs

Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day is serious business! Pause&remember their sacrifices for you&prayUare worthyOur sons&daughters&moms&dads

Monday, May 11, 2015

Linda Hays-Gibbs is a PNH Cover winner 2012 for My Angel My Light as Darkness Falls on Goodreads. She Listed top  of P &E Polls for all her Eternal Press books & She 'a a Winner of Book Boost award 2013 for Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul #MARSocial's #Author of Year #Finalist "Angel in My Heart Devil" in My Soul" by #Amazon #NYTimes: She has 23 published works at Amazon and her latest release with Eternal Press, Frost Flower is off to a great start .